October/November 2008
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Thank you to the Turbo Team:

Ann Clack, Designer

Connie Babbert, Designer

Jane Bosi, Designer

Mary Ellen Harrison, Designer

Lila Holgate, Designer

Judy Jackson, Designer

Gerrie Johnnic, Designer

Connie Piotter, Designer

Lisa Somerville, Senior Designer

Kimm Bennington-Thompson, Senior Designer

Vada Schutz, Senior Designer

Deb Lovett, Staff Writer

Beth Norman, Staff Writer
Change is Good...
...and the leaves aren't the only thing
changing this fall.  We have some changes
starting with this issue!
First, a new look and logo.
Everyone needs a little facelift sometimes
and we are no different. We have an
up-to-date look that we think is sleeker
and fresher.
Second, the Newsletter is now 8
pages, instead of 6!
This means a few things -- there are a
whopping 15 techniques in this issue and
more room for extra art, too.
Finally, I am pleased to have a very
small number of sponsors for this
You will notice their banners
throughout these pages. The page
expansion was made possible, in part,
because these valued vendors are here. I
know they would appreciate your

Welcome to Kathie McGuire, who has
agreed to become a permanent TJ
designer, and Jackie Kalchert, who is
guest designing for this issue.

Happy Stamping!

Cuttlebug Highlights

Foiled Webbing

Geometric Overlay

Gesso Batik

Glitter Masking


Polished Wrinkles

Ribbon Extravaganza:
Basket Weaving
Punched Through
Twisted Edges

Rit Resist


Online Bonus Technique:
Gift Card Holders