Thank  you to the Technique Junkie Design Team:

Lisa Somerville, Lead Senior Designer

Kimm Bennington-Thompson, Senior Designer

Vada Schutz, Senior Designer

Kathie McGuire, Designer

Ann Clack, Designer

Shelly Hickox, Designer

Jane Bosi, Designer

Judy Jackson, Designer

Evelyn Spikes, Designer

Chris Dickinson, Designer

Cathy Yamashita, Designer

Hetty Sanders, Designer

Deb Lovett, Staff Writer

Beth Norman, Staff Writer

Vicki Romaine, Staff Writer
Try something new this decade!
t’s a new decade...time to try
something brand new. If you are feeling
adventurous, get some art metal and try
one of the two new metal techniques:

Double Embossed Metal
or the Metal
Online Bonus
Technique. I have also included some
very simple, no-extra-supplies
techniques, too -- P
ierced Patterns,
Wisped Frames, Pulled Pastels
Marker Tapping, to name a few. If those
don’t fit your fancy, there are 9 other
techniques to choose from!

Hetty Sanders has agreed to join us as a
Designer on the Technique Junkie Team.
Her fabulous artwork can be found in
this issue and on the subscriber-only
artwork pages online.
This issue also rolls out a new feature:
Technique by Design (the link is below). In
each issue this year, a new sketch will be
included.   I encourage you to try out the
sketch and submit your work to the
e-group or to me directly -- there will be a
drawing for a fabulous prize package!  I
encourage you to try out the sketch --
watch my blog for further details on how
to submit your version.

As usual, I had plenty of help putting this
issue together -- please take a moment to
look below the tutorials to view the
acknowledgements for the many people
who were instrumental with this issue.
Happy Stamping!
Pat Huntoon
Airbrushed Markers

Animal Spots

Brayered Brilliance

Dabbed Shimmers

Double Embossed Metal

Glassy Embossing

Marker Tapping

Mono Dies

Pieced Zines

Pierced Patterns

Pulled Pastels

Shimmers Direct

Watercolor Smooch

Wisped Frames

Online Bonus Technique:
Metal Embellishments
Febuary/March 2010
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My most sincere gratitude to the people who contributed to this issue:
  • Judy Jackson for contributing the Watercolor Smooch Technique;

  • Ann Clack for contributing and filming the Pierced Patterns, Animal
    Spots, Marker Tapping, and Glassy Embossing  Techniques;

  • Sherrill Graff for also suggesting the Dabbed Shimmers  Technique;

  • Mary Garvey for contributing the Double Embossed Metal Technique;

  • Kivonne Tucker  for contributing  the  Shimmers Direct  Technique;

  • Tammy Malone for contributing and filming the Metal Embellishments

  • Jane Bosi for contributing and filming the  Airbrushed Markers

  • Sherrill Graff for suggesting a variation of the Dabbed Shimmers

  • Deb Lovett for proof-reading the website.