2002/2003 Issues:

October 2002:
Color blocking
Tips for Texture
Try This! Make your Hot Glue Gun Cool!
Acetate and Tissue
Crumpled Resist
Iris Folding
Punch Crazy: Aligned Design
Faux Silk
Editorial on Adhesives
Insert:  Iris Folding Templates
Bonus Techniques:  Dominos & Waxed
Paper Resist

December 2002:
Reflected Image -- on Ice
Joseph's Coat
Frosted Glass
UTEE Tiles
Acetate and Glitter
Pearlized Glitter Ornaments
UTEE Charms
Two Tye-Dyed Watercolor Backgrounds
Embossed Foil
Shredded Paper Weaving
INSERT:  Faux Postage Templates
Bonus Technique: Faux Postage

February 2003
Faux Suede
Reverse Layered Collage
Iridescent Silk
The Wonders of Webbing Spray
Paper Piecing with Stamps
Distressing Paper
Embossing on Metal
Punch Crazy:  Forget Me Not
Northern Lights
Bonus Technique on Web: Lattice Cards

April 2003
Split Negative
Pearl Ex Reverse
Watercoloring Made Easy
Opalescent Pearls
Chalk Dragging
Coloring with Embossing Powders
Sew Me a Title
Punch Crazy:  Not just for paper anymore!
Masking Tape - Faux Leather
Bonus Technique:  Shattered Glass

June 2003
Go Retro
Polished Mulberry
Double Dipped Tiles
Magic Cards
That Shimmering Touch
Walnut Ink
Pearl Ex Gets Floored
Faux Fresco
Smackin' Acetate
Paper Tole
Bonus Technique:  Chalk Embossing

August 2003
Pearl Ex Melt
Water Color Crayon Shadows
Ghost Stamping
Textured Serendipity
Judi's Review: Great Book Reviews
Kaliedascope Stamping
Twinkling H2Os
Color Dusting
Dry Embossing with Stamps
Bonus Technique: Tye-Dyed Mulberry Paper

October 2003
Blended Glitter Gel Pens
Glossy Crayon Resist
Twist and Roll
Stencils and Paste
Embossing with Markers
Soot Stamping
Shrink Plastic Bracelets
Onion Skin Backgrounds
Stained Crystal
Bonus Technique: Rubber Cement Magic

December 2003
Magic Rainbow
Watered Watercolor Pencils
Project: Slide Ornaments
Wood grain Backgrounds
Fun foam Fun
Glitter Puzzles
Precious Stone Smudge
Manila Resist
Tie Die Filters
Bonus Technique: Kiss and Twist
2004 Issues:

February 2004
Bottle Cap Embellishments
Embossed Puzzle Pieces
Faux Hammered Metal
Faux Metallic Magic
Faux Paper Aging
Faux Paste Paper
Floating Image: Cut-out Method
Floating Image: Radiant Pearls Method
Marbleized Pastels
Poppin' Rub-ons
Bonus Technique:  Tea Bag Folding

April 2004
Black Pearls
Brayered Layers
Brazen Brilliance
Flip Flop Cards
Glazed Color
Marbled Rainbow
Nail Polish Backgrounds
Shadowed Grid
Shrink Plastic Beads
Bonus Technique: Faux Ceramic Tile

June 2004
Beaded Toothpaste
Bleach Overstamping
Credit Card Backgrounds
Embossed Cuts
Faux Scratch-Off
Paper Casting with Gift Tissue
Salt 'n' Pepper
Textured Beeswax
Textured Toothpaste
Triple Time
Bonus Technique:  Graduated Star Book

August 2004
Crystalline Paper
Drunken Pearls
Dye & Buff
Faux Filmstrip
Gel & Acetate
Masked Rainbow
Masked Frames
Masked Shapes
Mother of Pearl
Sectioned Retiform
Bonus Technique:  Penscore Primer

October 2004
Acetate and Pearl Ex
Acrylic Pins
Brayered Chalk Resist
Embossed Foreground
Faux Embroidery
Faux Linen
Faux Tooled Leather
Out of the Box
Paper Lantern
Bonus Technique:  Bubble Backgrounds

December 2004
Beaded Windows
Chalked Windows
Fabric Crayon Rubbings
Expressionistic Watercolors
Pearl Ex Medallions
Random Frames
Torn Paper Marbling
Velvet Stamping
Bonus Technique: Photo Image Stamping
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2005 Issues:

February 2005
Bleeding Tissue
Frost  Background
Frost with a Twist
LA Transfer
Opalite Smoosh
Pop-Out Tri-Folds
Vintage Photo Stamping
Warhol 1
Warhol 2
Warhol 3
Bonus Technique: Hidden Slider Cards

April 2005
Abstract Embossing
Custom Color Ink Pads
Geometric Backgrounds
Geometric Overstamping
Glitter Ridges
Magic Maduzia
Modern Art Background
Pearl Ex Tags
Pearly Pastels
Polished Vellum
Reflected Acetate
Bonus Technique: Concentric Coluzzle Cards

June 2005
Dimensional Tag Boxes
Metal Rimmed Shakers
Pastel Pigments
Polished Stone through the Window
Rainbow Reveal
Rainbow Strip Flip
Splatter Crackle
Stamp Crackle Pop
Bonus Technique: Faux Oil Painting

August 2005
Acetate Sparkle
Background Pop
Ghost in the Shadows
H20 Direct
Metallic Glow
Pulled Re-inkers
Rainbow Chalk
Reverse Layers
Ripped Marble
Spectrum Roll
Bonus Technique: Watercolor Batik
Contest Sponsored By:
Lasting Impressions with Panache!

October 2005
Alcohol Splash
Embossed Webbing
Faux Artist Canvas
Joseph's Coat Inside Out
Metallic Vellum
Simple Sumi
StazOn Color Blocking
Textured Tape
Vanilla Double
Bonus Technique:  Walnut Photo Image Tinting
Contest Sponsored by:
Art by Moonlight and The Stampsmith

December 2005
Brayered Bleach
Faux Cloisonne
Faux Cross-stitch
Faux Fabric
Milk Paint
Mono Mosaic
PE Gloss
Shape Spotlighting
Tyvek Dyeing
Webbed Acetate
Bonus Technique: French Door Cards
Contest Sponsored by:
Dreamweaver Stencils
2006 Issues:

February 2006
Acetate Frost
Aged Watercoloring
Dragging Ink
Floating Acetate Cards
Glowing Pastels
Metallic Echo
Polished Paste
Rainbow Fusion
Triple Dimension
Bonus Technique: Double Slide Mailers

April 2006
Brittle Batik
Color Wash/Color Wash Collage
Faux Dry Embossing
Faux Stitching
Fossil Stone
Hot Cards
Lumiere Cream
Opalite on Opalite
Pollack Backgrounds
Textured Metallics
Bonus Technique: Floating Spinner Cards

June 2006
Dyed Backgrounds
Embossed Watercolor Crayons
Faux Collage Stamps
Floating Sentiments
Gamsol Pearls
Glazed Shimmers
Magic Cuts
(Almost) Paperless Layers
Triple Mosaics
Watercolor Roll
Bonus Technique: Quilt Cards

August 2006
Colored Crystal
Colored Reverse Grid
Dazzling Glass
Faux Grid (Scor-It)
Flip Tag Card
Metallic Explosion
Mosaic Magic
Reverse Grid
Smashed Petals
Twinkling H2O Resist
Washi Paper Piecing
Bonus Technique : Venetian Blind Cards

October 2006
Brayered Madras
Frog in a Blender
(Vada's) Gesso Resist
Instant Crackle
Marbled Crystal
Masked Brayering
Metallic Banded Brayer
Pearled Stained Glass
Powder Keg's Enameling
Silken Mist
Soused Suede
Bonus Technique: Tye Dye Wax Resist

December 2006
Angels' Breath
Brayered Spotlight
Colorwash Batik
Gesso Chic
Glimmering Rainbows
Hammered Hardware
Stippled Pigments
Textured Pearl Ex
Twinkled Faux Stippling
Watered Tintz
Bonus Technique: Triangle Shaker Cards
2007 Issues:

February 2007
Bleached Metallics
Burnt Edges
Dazzling Glass
Distress Dragging
Dry Embossed Pearls
Glitter Straw
Luminous Glow
Spritz and Flick
Water Color Distress
Bonus Technique: Peeled Reveal

April 2007
Alcohol Ink Press
Cottoned Color
Drum Roll
Faux Chipboard
Glowing Oil Pastels
Ink Wash
Ink Wash with Markers
Modern Grid
Polished Acetate
Polished Rainbow
Radiant Alcohol Wash
Smacked Lumieres
Bonus Technique: Pop-up Cards

June 2007
Acrylic Gesso Wash
Cling and Scrunch
Color Layering
Expressionistic Pearls
Faux Flocking
Microscope Slide Spotlighting
Reverse Prints
Spritz & Shimmer
Sunlight Shadows
Transparent Opalites
Bonus Technique: Flap Fold Cards

August 2007
Burnished Watercolors
Crystal Twinks
Crumpled Shimmers
Drummed Pearls
Embossed Lumieres
Melted Mediallions
Oh-So Fru-Fru
Rainbow Double
Scraped Oil Pastels
Stippled Frames
Veined Marble
Bonus Technique: Z-Fold Cards

October 2007
Cling Pearls
Cuttlebug Glow
Cuttlebug Pearls
Cuttlebug Smoosh
Lights and Shadows
Marker Wash
Metallic Alcohol Roll
Pastel Embossing
Shimmering Wallpaper
Spanish Gold
Vaseline Resist
Bonus Technique: Double Pocket Cards

December 2007
Brayered Spots
Burnished Embossing
Color Wash Coloring
Dry Embossed Wash
Faux Denim
Faux Distress Resist
Faux Layers
Pastel Detailing
Technicolor Dye Inks
Technicolor Water Colors
Tinted Opaques
Varnished Floating Pearls
Bonus Technique: Flip Flap Fold
2008 Issues:

February 2008
Aged Metal
Cracked Glass
Joseph's Coat with a Twist
Magic Pattern
Opalite Direct
Opalite Color Infusions
Oil Pastel Gesso
Penciled Twinks
Reinker Splash
Bonus Technique: Gated Tag Cards

April 2008
Aged Tiles
Artsy Dimension
Color Collage
Createx Creations
Faux Brick
Glimmering Waves
Mesh Direct
Rainbow Brilliance
Simple Green Spritz
Walnut Ink Resist
Waxy Cuttlebug
Bonus Technique: Kaleidoscope Cards

June 2008
Aged Parchment
AI Float
Braque's Papier
Captured Beads
Embossed Foil
Faux Handmade Paper
Marker Water Coloring
Parchment Punch
Sparkle Paper
Textured Water Colors
Twinkling Water Coloring
Bonus Technique: Top Latch Cards

August 2008
AI Painting
Designer Tiles
Glowing Image
Layered Collage
Painted Pigments
Pearlized Gesso
Roll with the Punches
Shimmering Resist
Stenciled Collage
Bonus Techniqueb: Votive Cards

October 2008
Cuttlebug Highlights
Foiled Webbing
Geometric Overlay
Gesso Resist
Glitter Masking
Polished Wrinkles
Ribbon Extravaganza: Basket Weaving
Ribbon Extravaganza: Punched Though
Ribbon Extravaganza: Spiral
Ribbon Extravaganza: Twisted Edges
Rit Resist
Bonus Technique: Gift Card Holders

December 2008
Color Pop
Faux Bleach
Faux Designer Paper
Feathered Tye-Dye
Frame Frenzy: Fringed Frames
Frame Frenzy: Masked Frames
Frame Frenzy: Quilted Frames
Frame Frenzy: Torn Frames
Glimmering Silk
HP Direct
Oil Pastel Chic
Painted Mesh
Two-Toned Crunch
Watercolor Resist
Wrinkled Vellum
Bonus Technique: Desktop Calendars
2011 Issues

February 2011
Bohemian Layers
Collaged Photos
Curled Corners
Distressed Colorblocking
Faux Barn Wood
Glitter Gel Windows
Mulberry Magic
Neutral Shadows
Tag Flowers
Tissued Color
Torn underTransparency
Totally Texture
White Negative
Online Bonus Technique:
Goodie Box

April/May 2011
Blended Blotches
Copic Faux Watercoloring
Copic Texturizing
Corner Bookmark
Crystal Beaded Flourishes
Embellished Circles
Faux Aritisan Tiles
Foam Stamping
Gesso Silhouettes
Graduated Color
Pierced Vellum
Roasted Fish
Taffeta Flowers
With and Without Collage
Online Bonus Technique:
Under the Flap

June/July 2011
Color Sandwich
Copic Airbrush Embossing
Copic Sections
Faux Tiles
Ghost in Distress
Glitter Roll
Mottled Grass
Non-Stick Color
Out of the Box Spotlight
Pastel Chalk Pencil Blending
Spray Away
Stencil Embossing
Vintage Art
Woven Art
Online Bonus Technique:
Telescoping Cards

August 2011
Against the Edge
Big Shot Hammer
Collaged Circles
Colorful Silhouettes
Distressed Fuzz
Faux Washi Paper
Framed Nesties Window
It Takes Two
Liquid Pearls Resist
Popped Blooms
Popped Embossing
Vellum Sentiments
Online Bonus Technique:
Watercolor Gesso

October 2011
Antique Bookplate
Brush Wash
Chalked Resist
Copic Coloring Resist
Distressed Window
Double Emboss and Cut
Double Front Image
Double Ruffle
Double Slider
Faux Designer Paper 2
Gelato Direct
Masked Prints
Stacked Nesties
Online Bonus VIDEO:
Newsprint Reveal Deluxe

December 2011
Bold Ghosting
Bold Layers
Chalked Emboss
Copic Stencils
Curvy Borders
Cut-Out Embossing
Distress Ink Watercoloring
Faux Designer Brads
Picture Perfect
Punched Pearls
Shabby Tin
Shimmering Spread
Smooch Painted Texture
Texture Transfer
Online Bonus VIDEO:
2010 Issues:

February 2010
Airbrushed Markers
Animal Spots
Brayered Brilliance
Dabber Shimmers
Double Embossed Metal
Glassy Embossing
Marker Tapping
Mono Dies
Pieced Zines
Pierced Patterns
Pulled Pastels
Shimmers Direct
Watercolor Smooch
Wisped Frames
Bonus Technique: Metal Embellishments

April 2010
Background Burst Extension
Faux Rusty Metal
Faux Velvet
Glassy Accents
Glimmer Mist Watercolors
Glitzy Lace
Kissed with a Twist
Masked Spellbinders
Metallic Parchment
Paper Peeling
Rubber Rubbing
Sanded Core'dinations
Washed Colors
Bonus Technique: Scored Diamonds

June 2010
Antique Wallpaper
Background Whimsy - Copic Method
Background Whimsy - Dye Ink Method
Copic Expressions
Double Duty Melted Wax
Etched Fossils
Faux Dominos
Faux Etched Copper
Faux Metal
Faux Stained Glass
Glimmer Marbling
Masked and Markered
Pulled Glimmers
Up and Over
Online Bonus Technique: Cricut and Stamp

August/September 2010
Acrylic Emboss
Chalk Magic
Dragged Markers
Glimmer Lace
Glitter Ribbons
Ice Crystals
Level Up
Pencil and Ink
Silent Night
Smooched Cork
Splash 'n Stick
Soft 'n Sparkly
Word Frames
Worn Wallpaper
Bonus Technique: Zig-Zag Accordian Cards

October 2010
By the Inch
Chalked Relief
Clipped Corners
Cute Cuts
Designer Souffle'
Distressed Glue
Faded Texture
Marbled Paste
Marbled Smooch
Pencil Highlights
Puzzle Layers
Smooched Metal
Texture Duet
Triple Masked Glimmers
Bonus Technique: Swing Cards

December 2010
Acetate Flowers
Brick Wall
Deconstructed Collage
Faux Embossing Folders
Foiled Stencils
Glossy Gesso
Pencil Resist
Salty Glimmers
Skewed Pyramid
Texture Plate Smoosh
Texture Shadows
VersaMark Stencils
Online Bonus Technique: Hidden Surprise
2009 Issues:

February 2009
Background Burst
Background Smoosh Resist
Block Collage
Brayer Tapping
Duotone Resist
Faux Felt
Faux Leafing
Golden Coat
Mono Masking
Pierced Spotlight
Pigment Scrunch
Stringing You Along
Terraza Tones
Triple Play
Bonus Technique: Stand Alone Cards

April 2009
Altered Designer Paper
Bingo Blast
Chalk Lines
Cuttlebug Stamps
Dragged Madras
Drywall Stitching
Faux Vellum
Glitter Stripes
Matchbook Cards
Newsprint Reveal
Pounced Cuts
Radiant Bracelets
Wet Stencil
Bonus Technique: Floral Pencils

June 2009
Clear Coat Collage
Depth of Field
Double Bugging
Faux Iris Folding
Heavenly Holes
Pigment Spritz
Scrappy Spots
Sparkling Resist
Stencil Stamping
Twinkled Stencils
Van Gogh
Bonus Technique: Pull Flap

August 2009
AI Foil
Brushed Inks
Corded Pieces
Copic Designer Paper
Faux Sanding
Gesso Off
Glued Pastels
Inside Out Vellum
Punched Windows
Sanded Whitewash
Scene Silhouettes
Simple Whitewash
Starch Smoosh
Textured Spectrum
Zig Zag
Bonus Technique: Tri-window Fold-overs

October 2009
Burnished Backgrounds
Decorated Pretties
Embossed Crayon Resist
Faux Marbling
Faux Painted Paneling
Faux Turquoise Stones
Jeweled Acetate
Medallion Windows
Petroglyphic Sculpture
PK Glitz Ornaments
Rubber Thwamping
Smooch Direct
Bonus Technique: Shadowbox Cards

December 2009
Acetate Smooch
Ancient Paper
Antiqued Glimmers
Bleached Wash
Bleach Swipes
Brayered Impressions
Brown Bagging
Color Outside the Lines
Copic Glass
Fantasy Chalk
Jenny's Coat
Metallic Pop
Petite 4
Sprized Stone
Bonus Technique: Flip-Flop Albums
2012 Issues

February 2012
Distress Photo Tinting
Faux Mosaic
Framed Embossing
Ghostly Spatters
Ink and Roll
Kraft Resist
Layered Masking
Nested Nesties
Random Coloring
Simple Swipes
Torn Window
Varnished Mahogany
Watercolor Reinker
Zen Stamping
Online Bonus Technique:
Trapeze Cards

April/May 2012
Cascading Images
Colored Microfine
Colorful Stripes
Copic Colored Embossing
Cut Borders
Faux Baker's Twine
Faux Engraving
Going 3D
Misted Stencils
Patchwork Frames
Peek-a-Boo Nesties
Peel-off Borders
Sponged Goosebumps
Tissue Tape
Online Bonus Technique:
Jumbo Paper Clips

June/July 2012
Acrylic Block Taping
Beeswax Beehive
Circle Colored Collage
Copic Outlines
Distressed Spritzing
Dotty Edges
Lacquered Frames
Mixed Matched Backgrounds
Ombre' Watercolor Resist
Rubbed Gelatos
Scallop Circle Fan
Stacked Digis
Stained Glass Stickles
Technique Strips
Online Bonus Technique:
Tag Fence

August/Setember 2012
Bird's Nest
Bogus Bleach
Broken Borders
Collage Strips
Colorwash Alcohol
Crepe Paper Flowers
Embossed Puzzle
Faux Punched Border
Frayed Ribbon
Markered Rainbow Resist
Mask 'n Blend
Pulled Color
Scrap Rubber Stamping
Watercolor Whimsy
Online Bonus Technique:
Landscape Embossing

October/November 2012
Baker Weaving
Copic Airbrush Direct
Cut Circle Sentiments
Distress Stain Dip
Drywall Distress
Emboss Around Image
Gloss Colored Texture
In the Middle
Inky Bands
Layered Goosebumps
Layered Masked Collage
On the Side
Soapy Painted Backgrounds
Torn Holes
Online Bonus Technique:
Designer Mitred Frames

December 2012/January 2013
Brayer Strips
Copic Blended Pencils
Faux Wallpaper
Inked Resist
Inked Shadows
Line Pop
Mono Markers
Rainbow Edges
Reverse Clear Stamping
Ribbon Tab Borders
Rolled Paper Flowers
Scribble Borders
Shadow Buttons
Stickers Galore
Online Bonus Technique:
Nip and Tuck Tutorial
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2013 Issues

February 2013
Block Fill l
Candy Nugget Card
Debossed Coloring
Faux Encaustic Wax
Glimmering Die Masks
Nestie Masks
Pointed Picket Fence
Rolled Backgrounds
Splattered Bleach
Textured Chipboard
Texture Painted Masks
Triple the Fun
Watercolored Stains
Online Bonus Technique:
Candy Bar Card

April/May 2013
Alcohol Ink Splatters
Bands of Color
Chalkboard Stamping
Copic Color Double Embossing
Designer Paper Starburst
Distress Stain Watercoloring
Embossed Gelatos
Embossed Scraps Background
Faux Paint Swatch
Paint Transfer
Stained Resist
Watered Crayons
Online Bonus Technique:
Textured Bounty

June/July 2013
Designer Grouted Tiles
Faux Embroidered Flowers
Faux Silk Designer Paper
Flocked Lines
Glass Flowers
Handmade Paper
Mica Transfer
Papered Gelatos
Pressed Stains
Spotty Copic Grid
Stained Embossing
Stained Texture
Stencil Collage
Triple Embossing
Online Bonus Technique:
Cutaway Windows Tutorial

August/September 2013
Blocked Background
Cutaway Accordion
Distressed Rainbow Strips
Dye Whitewash
Embossed Alcohol Ink
Fine Frames
Ghost Masking
Glazed Shaving Cream Shapes
Glittery Washi Windows
Gradient Stamping
Mica Glaze Embossing
Simply Framed
Spotlight 2
Tri-Cut Dies
Online Bonus Technique:
Half Window

October/November 2014
3D Gold
Bleeding Tissue
Chain Link
Distressed Copic Markers
Embossed Washi
Faux Die Plate
Four Square
Layered Acetate
Painted Burlap
Pasted Dylusions
Peek-a-Boo Holes
Reversed Backgrounds
Triple Die Time
Velveteen Stamping
Online Bonus Technique:
Washi Weave

Dec. 2013/Jan. 2014
Aged Krafty Color
Circle Strips
Cut and Stamp
Debossed Dylusions
Depth of Field Windows
Die Overstamping
Dylusions Die Cuts
Faux Thickers
Inked Over
Layered Paper Piecing
Overstamped Bands
Shadow Tiles
Speckled Words
Washi Shapes
Online Bonus Technique:
Christmas Tree Pop-Out