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Here are the specifics of the CD:

Step-by-Step  picture tutorials -- with the supporting artwork --for all of the techniques, as seen on the Subscriber-Only

All of the tutorials and artwork have been formatted to .pdf  for easy readability!
All of the pages are standardized, easy to read, and laid out beautifully!

Every Tutorial is ready for printing on  8-1/2" x 11" pages!!
That means that you can print each picture tutorial easily, without "cutting off"  any information!

MAC and PC friendly -- it can be viewed by everyone!

No more passwords! You will not have to wait for an internet connection or remember the current issue's password -- it is
right there for you!

...and you just HAVE TO have those extra techniques, don't you??

Won't this make a great gift for all of the stampers in your life?

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You will receive all 90 of the Patstamps Techniques from the Eleventh year of the newsletter -- covering the 6
issues from 10-12 through 8-13. But that's not all!
There are also
10 Bonus Techniques on the CD!
That's 100 techniques in all!!
Want to see what the tutorials look like?  Here is an example:
Milk Paint Tutorial
*This is in .pdf format.  It will open automatically if you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
NOTE:  This is a large file.

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